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always in pursuit of the perfect selfie
the disney one comes pretty close though 

open invitation to anyone who wants to do this, consider yourself tagged by me. i always love seeing ur cute faces. 😎

Screencap meme

One rule: NO changing your desktop once you’ve been tagged! Even if it is embarrassing!

tagged by both rose & silas benjamin, apparently. love u nerds 💩

i feel my desktop is disappointing somehow??? there’s not much to see. not even a picture of a white bread or cold monkey to speak of. anyway, consider yourself tagged: 148kmignify, apiaries, pinchevangogh, octoberhill, onasas​ and literally anyone else who wants to do it. ✨

disappearing for a while to work on my final paper and figuring out some stuff 💩 



Hit shuffle on your iPod, phone, iTunes, etc. and write down the first 20 songs. Pass this on to some people.

  1. put your dukes up john - arctic monkeys
  2. 의외의 사살 (the truth of the unexpected) - sister’s barbershop
  3. 쉿 (shh) - epik high
  4. 이별 (parting) - clazziquai 
  5. one more night - maroon 5
  6. 싸구려 커피 (shitty coffee) - jang ki ha & the faces
  7. prince johnny - st vincent 
  8. ***flawless - beyonce
  9. florence berlin - lady lamb the beekeeper
  10. GROT - st vincent 
  11. taxi cab - vampire weekend 
  12. fineshrines - purity ring 
  13. ~ - andrew bird 
  14. the devil bought my soul (i don’t need a band) - brian cho
  15. shriek - wye oak 
  16. 시간을 믿은 시간이 너무 길었다 (the time i trusted time was too long) - juuno
  17. pap smear - crystal castles 
  18. west coast - lana del rey 
  19. alternate world - son lux 
  20. solar, solar system - lady lamb the beekeeper